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This spring, Opera Atelier returns to the Royal Opera House in Versailles with a landmark production of Persée, and we need your help. Lully’s Persée inaugurated the theatre in 1770 during the wedding celebrations of the future King Louis XVI to Marie Antoinette, and Opera Atelier is pleased to bring this opera back to one of the most beautiful theatres in the world.

There are so many ways you can help make this dream a reality. Make a donation today and help us make history.

Help us make history in Versailles

Annual Fundraising: Support the Magic of Opera Atelier

Do you find yourself carried away by Opera Atelier’s productions – the glorious music, the beautiful dancing, the splendour of the sets and costumes? Great ballet and opera has the power to transport us to a place where we forget about the world around us. The power and beauty of a great production is made possible because of the commitment of loyal patrons like you. Ticket-buyers are essential to Opera Atelier’s success, however, money raised from ticket sales covers only 31% of the cost of our productions. Opera Atelier relies on the additional support of generous donors to help make our productions possible.

Charitable contributions allow us to present our productions at the highest possible quality, bringing the greatest musical dramatic works of the 17th and 18th centuries to life. Donations also help to fund our education, outreach and artist training programs, which are essential to the future of our company and to the development of Canadian artists. We thank our donors with invitations to join us at rehearsals as well as educational and social events. We also provide a tax receipt for the full amount of your contribution.

Donation Levels

$75 Chorus
$125 Corps
$300 Ensemble
$600 Soloist
$1,000 Maestro
$1,500 Patron
$2,500 Impresario
$5,000 Marquis
$10,000 Viceroy
$20,000 Sun King

Please join us!

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“From modest beginnings, Pynkoski and Zingg have unswervingly guided Opera Atelier to maturity as one of the world’s pre-eminent producers of early opera.”
—Carl Morey, TIME Magazine, 2003

Top Banner: Charpentier’s Actéon; Artists: Jennie Such, Luciana Calvet, Courtney Lutz, Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg, Vicki St. Pierre;
Photo Credit: Bruce Zinger 2005.