A Fencing Display

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Edward Tracz and Brett van Sickle. Photo by Bruce Zinger.


Dear Friends,

I am posting two more pictures from our Hall of Mirrors shoot. The hardest thing is choosing …

Lully’s Persée contains numerous opportunities for serious fencing. All of our male dancers are great fighters and they acquitted themselves handsomely in Jennifer Parr’s thrilling fight sequences.  Below is a photograph of two of the Artists of Atelier Ballet, Edward Tracz and Brett van Sickle just completing their “reverence” prior to the first fencing display – both of them displaying feet and legs any dancer would kill for.



It was a particular joy for Jeannette and me … Read more

Rejected Mérope, dangerously handsome Phinée

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Dear Friends,

I am posting two more photographs from our Hall of Mirrors shoot. We made an effort to choose moments directly from the opera.

This wonderfully dramatic shot of soprano Peggy Kriha Dye and baritone Vasil Garvanliev takes place in Act 5 Scene 1 when Peggy (the beautiful but rejected Mérope) has made the decision to join the “dark side” as personified by the dangerously handsome Vasil (Phinée).

“Heureux, heureux, qui peut goûter une douce vengeance. C’est l’unique Esperance Des malheurex Amants”


Shooting the dancers in action presented a greater challenge as we had no music to accompany … Read more

Persée, arrêtez, arrêtez!

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Dear Friends,

At last we are able to share with you some of the beautiful photographs taken during Opera Atelier’s tour of Persée to the Royal Opera House/ Versailles. We purposely waited until the official photograph was unveiled in the press – which happened yesterday.

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to see Bruce Zinger’s jaw-dropping “Hall of Mirrors” shot which accompanied Richard Ouzounian’s marvelous article “Toronto Exports Opera to the World”, I enclose the link.

Due to security issues at the Palace of Versailles, we were limited as to the number of artists who could … Read more

Dora Awards!

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This week, we were thrilled to discover that Opera Atelier’s 2013-2014 productions have been nominated for a collective 11 Dora Awards, including an Outstanding Production nod for Persée!

Our fall production of Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio was recognized with nominations for:
Outstanding Performance – Ensemble
Outstanding Performance – Male (Gustav Andreassen)
Outstanding Costume Design (Margaret Lamb)

Our spring production of Persée was recognized with nominations for:
Outstanding Production
Outstanding Performance – Ensemble
Outstanding Performance – Male (Lawrence Wiliford)
Oustanding Direction (Marshall Pynkoski)
Outstanding Choreography (Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg)
Outstanding Scenic Design (Gerard Gauci)
Outstanding Musical Direction (David Fallis)
Outstanding … Read more