Eric Cesar de Mello da Silva

For OA

Dido and Aeneas (2016 and 2023), Medée (2017), Angel (2021), All Is Love (2022) Resurrection (2023)


Danced with the National Ballet of Canada and the Royal Danish Ballet. Additional

works performed include John Neumeier’s La Dame Aux Camelias, Harald Lander’s Etudes, August

Bournonville’s La Sylphide and Napoli, James Kudelka’s Cinderella, Nikolaj Hübbe’s Swan Lake and his

full length Raymonda, Jiri Kilian’s Sarabande and Symphony of Psalms; Nijinsky’s Rite of Spring.

Et Cetera

Eric got his admission letter from George Brown to join the Jewellery Arts program in Autumn, one of the largest jewellery education providers in North America. 

Eric continues to be very pleased and grateful to work with Opera Atelier, treasuring OA’s vitality and joyfulness on Baroque Arts.