May 5, 2020

#GivingTuesdayNow - Thank you!

“OA has always been a bright spot on my calendar, with wonderful music, costumes and dance. I always look forward to it.” -Wendi Hanger

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving and unity that is an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. The day is designed to drive an influx of generosity, citizen engagement, and support for communities and nonprofits around the world.

We decided to participate in #GivingTuesdayNow by celebrating you - our loyal supporters. We asked you to share a few words about what you love about OA, why art is important to you, and any other words of support and encouragement for the community.

Thank you to everyone who has responded - we were overwhelmed with the amount of love, support and positive messages we received. We are truly grateful for our loyal OA patrons and audience members!

Here are some of the submissions we received. While we couldn’t include every comment we thank everyone who sent us their thoughts.

As always, you can participate in #GivingTuesdayNow by donating to Opera Atelier. We are truly grateful for the support our patrons continue to provide - now more than ever. Visit to donate today. Every dollar counts - no matter how large or small!

“What is special about OA is the authentic skill in which they bring opera masterpieces to life in such a creative way that it allows you to imagine you are experiencing them as original productions so many years ago. In those times, people had so many threats to their existence and the arts in general provided essential nourishment for the mind and soul. Today, we are being thoroughly reminded just how essential the arts remain as we struggle through the challenges of our time.”

-C. Richard Fischer

“The magic of your productions. I feel I am transported into a world beyond reality which, paradoxically, gives me profound insights into our human condition. You always aim for the highest standards. I miss you very much and can hardly wait for you to return.”

-Dr. Leonard Rosmarin

"What I love about Opera Atelier is the exquisite humans in the OA family who transport us on a beautiful music and dance journey.  Whether their world class performance is of favourite or new piece, we are brought to a moment of delight, away from the challenges of our day.  Behind the scenes in rehearsals, it is a joy to to experience the palpable love and respect the artists demonstrate with each other.  I feel blessed, and choose to give my time and attention to this organizational culture of authenticity, integrity and beauty. May OA and the arts help us to be better versions of ourselves.

Additionally, the OA gala invites us to celebrate and appreciate our world class Canadian talent. In a unique way, “Joie de vivre” and “Amour” #OAgala enabled us to deepen relationships with our professional colleagues, while sharing a delightful experience stimulating our senses, in a truly beautiful environment with the OA family."

-Janis Peleshok

“Sofia, our 9 year old daughter is Opera Atelier’s youngest new fan. We first took her to see Opera Atelier’s Actéon and Pygmalion in 2018, when she was 7 years old and she has been attending performances ever since. Unbeknownst to me, she took a copy of Actéon and Pygmalion’s program notes and brought them to school, where she asked her teacher if she could share the details of the opera with her class. She then read some of the program notes to her class, and spoke about what she had experienced at Opera Atelier’s performance. Her teacher sent us the photo of her reading the program in class.

A short time later, her class attended a children’s theatre performance. I asked her about it, and she seemed less than enthusiastic, stating,  “It was ok….but not as interesting as Opera Atelier”… It’s a reminder that we should never underestimate children’s capacity and ability to engage in “adult” or classical art forms, and it also speaks to Opera Atelier’s ability to capture imagination on all levels through powerful imagery, movement and theatre.

Sofia always asks me if I have bought the tickets for upcoming shows, and was eagerly awaiting Handel The Resurrection.  Due to the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in, the performance was cancelled, but we know that you will all pull through. Our thoughts and wishes are with you.”

-Tatiana, Lisandro and Sofia

“Opera Atelier performances are unique, exceptional quality and transport me to joyful, healing state. I send my mental and emotional support for OA to survive and contribute to a better world after this pandemic.”

-Magda Batky

“Over the years, I have loved watching OA and Tafelmusik take their respective places on the world stage. A case study in the synergy of Toronto's arts community”

-Catherine McQuaid

“I love the combination of skills in baroque opera, the singing, ballet, frequent use of a chorus. I find the costumes, sets, and all visual arts involved are first class. This is such a wonderful company which goes all out for every performance. It is incredible value to see this great combination of arts for the price of a ticket.”

-Kathryn Monardo

“Opera Atelier productions have a way of drawing out emotion and the senses. I am normally a logical, reserved person, and yet I find myself smiling openly or with tears in eyes during performances. There is so much contagious invigoration, which I find very unique to these specific productions. I look forward to them all year. I am in my mid-twenties and the only one of my friends who enjoys opera, but when I sit in the audience and watch a performance I feel as if all the energy in the room is cohesive. The sets, costumes, and makeup are all a feast for the eyes. The dancing and choreography light me up from the inside and make the heart race. The music and singing are soul-catching and linger weeks after a performance. Now more than ever, there is an “alive” quality to OA that I miss in these isolated times. I cannot wait to come back and see you all again. All my love.”

-Noella Wilson

“I love the voluptuous music and the exquisite costumes in every performance. Baroque opera appeals to my sense of history and allows living access to the past. The commitment of the company to excellence is evident in the precision of the ballet sequences and in the ability of the singers to act and move and tell the stories that speak to the human condition. I look forward to seeing Opera Atelier in all its glory again, and again.”

-Kathryn Racine

“The performances are the epitome of sensual, passionate escapism....spiced with acts of deception and treachery revealed through the most glorious musical performances, dancing and costume with backdrops that must be the envy of the theatre world. In one word, BRAVO!”

-Joey Schooley

“I am a very long-time aficionado of Marshall and Jeannette, dating from their dancing exhibitions at the ROM; indeed our then five-year-old is still a fan. Over time I have got deafer and deafer, so what pleases me most now is the sets, choreography and dancing skills of the company. I have been able to supplement one aesthetic experienced with another, and with equal pleasure.”


“I love your Company, love all your productions. Hope you make it through this challenging time.”


“The scholarship and artistry of OA illuminates the Baroque in a way that opens a window to ourselves, each other, and life itself.  Art makes me human.”


“Art feeds the soul, especially when the feast includes the sets, staging, and gorgeous costumes of Opera Atelier's productions. Their generosity of spirit is also evident in their outreach activities, such as baroque and ballet classes for adult beginners. I will always be grateful for the chance to participate, many years ago.”

-Dianna Allen

“...Thank you for all that you do, from the endless details of perfection, mastery and love you all pour into your performances. You fill hearts with beauty and love.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you‼️‼️‼️ We feel so blessed when able to attend any performance. Much love and continued success to our Canadian treasure❣️”

-Lidia D’Aversa

“The world has always needed the beauty and majesty of art...Opera Atelier warms the heart with its stunning, beautiful musical productions. This opera is opera for the people and is accessible to all. May Opera Atelier continue to reach the hearts and minds of all who yearn for the inexpressible wonder of great opera.”

-Ronald Beveridge

"OA's lavish perfectly executed and gloriously sung productions are an escape into a world we can only dream of...the joy of song permeates the air. For a few hours, we can escape into this magical realm, free of our daily anxieties, letting our eyes and ears be bathed in beauty. A steal, at any price!"

-Steve Pozgaj

“I love the breathtakingly beautiful sets and costumes, combined with historically informed performance practices. I love the gorgeous singing and the exquisite dancing. The sets are magical, creating stunning illusions of fantastic spaces. Every production is a visual and aural extravaganza. I leave the theatre humming with unforgettable imagery. Two of my favourite evenings of every year!”

-Stephanie Todd

“All Opera Atelier productions are joyful, honest and profound. They are visually delightful, musically inspiring and transport us into other worlds. Thank you.”

-Gordon and Pamela Henderson

“Art is a food for our souls. We should be very proud of Opera Atelier for their incredible artistic achievements during their 35 years of operation. Support Opera Atelier in these trying times.”


“I would like to say to Opera Atelier as a company, and to their members, students, and audience, that even though these are hard times globally, as far as I know, art has the potential to be immortal and live forever, so does love, what makes me think that all the art and love that this company has produced is pretty much alive the same right now, just waiting for a a little bit longer to soon resurface to brighten our lives again when the world is finally ready for it. My many thanks as both student and audience to Opera Atelier, and my sincere wishes of good fortune.”

-Karen Cisne

“I love Opera Atelier for so many reasons. Their School of Atelier Ballet and its programs like Dance Through Time provided me with so many wonderful opportunities, and Jeannette’s instruction helped give me the tools and technique I needed to launch my professional dance career. I currently dance with a ballet company in Chicago, and seeing my friends at Opera Atelier perform here at the Harris Theater in 2018 was a wonderful treat, and so breathtaking. Art gives us a glimpse into another life; it transports us from one world to another in the span of a couple hours. I am grateful for the art Opera Atelier provides, and the tools and memories they have given me. ❤️”

-Laura Willis

Top image by Bruce Zinger.