Go behind-the-scenes with our singers, Artists of Atelier Ballet and Tafelmusik as we create the materials for our upcoming production of Handel's The Resurrection!

The Making of the Resurrection was filmed by Marcel Canzona at Koerner Hall and St. Lawrence Hall in
March 2021 during a week of Opera Atelier rehearsals and recordings.

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Artist of Atelier Ballet Rebecca Moranis in rehearsal for Handel's The Resurrection. Photo by Bruce Zinger

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Bass-Baritone Douglas Williams en route to the first day of rehearsals for Handel's The Resurrection

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Conductor David Fallis leading Tafelmusik in a recording session for Opera Atelier's production of Handel's The Resurrection. Photo by Bruce Zinger

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OA Co-Artistic Director Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg leading rehearsals with the Artists of Atelier Ballet. Photo by Bruce Zinger

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Opera Atelier Production Crew preparing St. Lawrence Hall for rehearsals

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Soprano Carla Huhtanen, Conductor David Fallis and members of Tafelmusik recording for Opera Atelier's production of Handel's The Resurrection. Photo by Bruce Zinger

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Tenor Colin Ainsworth signing into rehearsals at Koerner Hall. Photo by Bruce Zinger

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The Artists of Atelier Ballet in rehearsal for Handel's The Reusrrection. Photo by Bruce Zinger

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The dedication of Opera Atelier’s production of Handel’s The Resurrection in memory of Patricia Barretto
(1974-2020) has been made possible by generous donations from Michael Wekerle and an Anonymous Donor.

With sincere gratitude, we salute our Anonymous Donor for graciously providing the funding to support the rehearsal process for Handel’s The Resurrection.