Koerner Hall at the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning
273 Bloor Street West

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April 11-14 2024

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ALL IS LOVE is a brand new thematically based program celebrating love in all its splendour through the juxtaposition of music of the French Baroque with French 19th and 20th Century repertoire. Opera Atelier invites you to experience a world where Amour - Love itself - propels the action and emotions, for better or for worse, of all of the protagonists.

Starring tenor Colin Ainsworth, soprano Measha Brueggergosman-Lee, Tenor Jesse Blumberg, soprano Meghan Lindsay, mezzo-soprano Danielle MacMillan, soprano Cynthia Smithers, soprano Karine White, and bass-baritone Douglas Williams.

Marshall Pynkoski - Director
Jeanette Lajeunesse Zing - Choreographer
Chris Bagan / Ben Cruchley - Rehersal Accompanist
David Fallis - Conductor
Gerard Gauci - Set Designer
Michael Legouffe - Head Of Wardrobe
Carrie Cooley-Barbour - Wardrobe Assistant
Kimberly Purtel - Lighting Designer

Opera Atelier gratefully acknowledges the support of the Institut Français of Paris.

The 75-minute program includes:
ALL IS LOVE - a mix of Henry Purcell and Reynaldo Hahn, created specifically for Measha Brueggergosman-Lee by Christopher Bagan
La Nuit - M.A. Charpentier
Nuit d'étoiles - Claude Debussy
Pelléas et Mélisande, opening scene - Claude Debussy
L'heure Exquise - Reynaldo Hahn
Mi Lusinga - G.F. Handel
O Sleep, Why dost thou leave me? - G.F. Handel
Where'er you walk - G.F. Handel
Lay your doubts and fears aside - G.F. Handel
Inception - Edwin Huizinga
Curtain Tune - Matthew Locke
Music for a While - Henry Purcell
Entrance of Swans - Henry Purcell
Two Daughters - Henry Purcell
Passacaille from King Arthur - Henry Purcell
Entrance of Mercury - J.P. Rameau
Plus J'observe - J.P. Rameau
Enchantment of Renaud - J.P. Rameau
Minuets from Les Indes Galantes - J.P. Rameau

ALL IS LOVE will be performed in English and French.

1) Artists of Atelier Ballet Eric César de Mello da Silva, Rena Seeger, Julia Sedwick and Xi Yi. Photo by Bruce Zinger
2) Artists of Atelier Ballet Rena Seeger, Eric César de Mell da Silva, Kealan McLaughlin, Xi Yi, and Julia Sedwick. Photo by Bruce Zinger
3) Artists of Atelier Ballet Rena Seeger, Eric César de Mell da Silva, Tyler Gledhill, Xi Yi, and Julia Sedwick. Photo by Bruce Zinger